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Does the app have an option to choose difficulty level?
@ekaterina_kharitonova We've opened up the first category of each Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced to start trying out the lessons. Use code APPYTIMES1M to get 1-month free Premium. Thanks Ekaterina - if you have any more questions - email me - francesco@flashsticks.com
@francescod_ales @flashsticks I tried to download the app, entered the number, but link haven't come so far. Do you accept russian phone numbers? Can't I download app on the tablet? I don't have sim-card there, only wi-fi.
@ekaterina_kharitonova @flashsticks Here is Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/ap..., App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... - Let me know if you have any issues Ekaterina? :)
FlashAcademy is the language school in your pocket! Fun and fast language learning on the go. Get ready for highly interactive 5 minute lessons, quick-fire word games, easy to review FlashCards and even an Object Translator! We’ll have you learning in no time. Download on iOS and Android today: www.flashacademyapp.com
@francescod_ales Looks good. How is it differ from Duolingo?
@rotemthegolfer Hi Rotem, good question. Lessons: These are 5-minute short burst lessons (like mini-tests), with a range of exercises from sentence building to dialogue practice. They also include selfie videos from natives, something Duolingo don't have. They also include grammar and cultural tips, something Duolingo doesn't include too. Games: Duolingo don't have word games, these games are designed to help you revise the word from the lessons and test your skills under pressure. Object Translation: This remains the World's First Object Translator, and to our knowledge, the only object translator which translates into over 50 languages. Flash cards: Duolingo don't have the ability to review lessons, flash cards in FlashAcademy are a way to review the lesson, but go into more detail - see useful sentences, grammar tips, test speech abilities and selfie videos too. Much richer for the language learner. Are you learning a language at the moment Rotem?
@francescod_ales Interesting, will check it out. I'm not at the moment, but it's in my todo list ;-)