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Match w/ nearby singles by using real, up to date selfies!

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Hey Everyone- We just released Flash Dating, an iOS app that makes connecting online more authentic, safe, and fun. The problem with online dating is not knowing if the person you're meeting actually looks like their profile photo. On Flash, a user must take a photo of themselves, called their Active Photo. Each Active Photo lasts for two weeks, or until you remove or update it. Once taken, you can begin swiping on people nearby. This creates a safe and more fun experience, allowing users to judge others by a real, up to date photo (or selfie), plus a few uploaded profile photos πŸ˜‰ No more spammers, updated photo trickery, zombie profiles, or catfishers! Flash Dating means that users Active Photo's are in-the-moment, giving users the opportunity to showcase their personality, have fun, and find authentic matches. Come check out Flash Dating, and join our growing community of "up-to-date" singles. We'd love any and all feedback! Thanks, - Wills (co-founder)
@williamb3ntley I am rubbish at selfies, so this app wouldn't be for me!
@techtom10 alcohol isn't for everyone as well. Thanks for your input.
@techtom10 alcohol is always for everyone. Nice to see an app which is better at showing who people are. I've met people on Tinder who look nothing like themselves.
@techtom10 that's why we made it! Drop the word selfie, replace it with #Flashie or even a dating self portrait. Take a deep breath... How much better does that feel?
You say "Each Active Photo lasts for two weeks, or until you remove it/update it" - so how is this different to what people can already do? That sentence doesn't seem to make sense to me. Is this angle a big enough one to attract the large audience needed to make this app takeoff? What could be an interesting add-on would be if you had to take an 'Active Photo' (Selfie) every time you try and message a match for the first time. The image can be added to your profile or just shared with the recipient. IMO this just seems like a feature that Tinder or other, big dating apps could easily implement.
@bentossell the barrier of entry is too great to have someone take a selfie every time they match with someone and want to chat, since they might not feel they look their best. Also- if you're referring to Blume. People still match by uploaded photos which can be unauthentic- On flash you have to take a selfie to activate- once activated you can swipe on singles nearby. They see your real Active Photo or selfie that's up to date, and your other uploaded photos. There is no need to take multiple selfies. And two weeks, you're look doesn't change too much. Plus you can always change it or expire it, not being visible to people other then those you've matched with. We want to create a safe environment and achieve authenticity with out the hassle of taking multiple selfies- one is enough.
@williamb3ntley I didn't know about Blume to be honest. But that supports my thinking in that there are already an abundance of dating apps with slight tweaks that make them 'unique'. Ultimately a dating app needs users and the 'active photo' seems like a feature that others could implement IMO. Also I think that if people are smart enough, when they match people you know that they are choosing their best pictures. Do some research. Add each other on Facebook. If you match someone on a dating app, exchange a few sentences and then meet up straight away then you have to accept the possibility that you could be in for a shock. I don't like taking selfies, I wouldn't want to take one every two weeks either. Apps like Tinder that let you add your instagram feed also help users see recent photos
@bentossell I've been fooled by Instagram before. There are 100s of apps to make you look anything but you. The active photo creates a more engaged community (Tinder removed the time stamp so they can push profiles that haven't been active in ages, sort of a tease?) and also let's you show off your personality. It's not done by a professional it's made by you of how you want to be seen. Taking selfies isn't for everyone and that's ok πŸ˜‰ - Tinder could change its model- but is thatwise,specially when so many people are used to their system.
@williamb3ntley so if so many people are already familiar with Tinder's system and comfortable with it... how do you plan on gaining the large audience to leave already popular dating apps and come to Flash Dating?
@bentossell I agree with your assessment. I think it will be very difficult to compete with Tinder.
We didn't allow people to send photos from their camera roll. That was the no1 complain for the last few months. Most humans are not attractive by default. :D
@denull Love your App, and thank you- Some reason I tend to date women who enjoy the company of another woman. I agree- but i think people who generally take selfies are a bit more comfortable with themselves, and maybe that creates a unique community. Don't want to say it... but you get where I am going with that ;)
@williamb3ntley @denull Absolutely true. Call it #Nofilter dating :D
@denull hahaha touchΓ© - you do get to see a set of uploaded photos as well when you click in from the real #nofilter selfie you took. So you get to cross examine πŸ€— What's your Email @denull ?
Our photos aren't ephemeral like Blumes. We are thinking about light filters, but very very light. We want people to be real about who they are. No one should hide who they are- it just leads to problems down the road... I'm actually sitting down to lunch with @danieldelouya & @Simonbenfeldt as I type.
@williamb3ntley Indeed we are 😊 Hope the pasta is great lol πŸ™Œ
@bentossell Comfortable sure, happy, not always. I think a lot of people have negativity towards tinder but use it because being able to date online is efficient and effective when in a safe, authentic environment. That's what makes flash unique- As for the audience, there really isn't any loyalty. You can have tinder and flash. I use them all, and had many bad dates so we tweaked it so We can find love online without the awkward encounters you find on what's currently out there. As for our plan, well, stay tuned...
@williamb3ntley I agree, there's no need for users to switch completely and having both apps is no pain at all, in my opinion. What do you think of apps like Bumble?
@philipkuklis I think Bumble is a gimmick. I know whitney's story and her, so i see the why for their direction. I think it goes against the free flow of natural conversation and makes it one sided, taking away more then they gain. There is a lot to be said about how one approaches someone and how they open conversation. For better or worse, it gives one a better sense of who that person is, a 'first impression' if you will, and those are everything. Bumble takes this away, giving that ability to women only. I mean, thats why there is an unmatch and report feature :) Plus, had a fairly awkward experience on Bumble.. So..