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@tobiasnaftali I guess you can have a quick chat with the PH team from the chat bubble towards your right (on web).
@tobiasnaftali If you are using PH on Desk/Laptop - see the 'Flag' option on the right. But why would you want to report it?
@adithya just kidding! For copying Snapchat 😂
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@tobiasnaftali true, when giants start coping smaller companies, innovation is at risk. Fb, just stop.
I wonder why Facebook went this way on Android, whereas they crammed this into Messenger on iOS...
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@chrismessina 100% agree on this. I'm wondering the strategy... 🤔 If it was truly just the UI and product design that made Snapchat so successful the many attempts to copy it would be equally successful. The network effect is important but this feels weird.
@as_austin @chrismessina Facebook is consistently trying to undermine Snap's upcoming IPO in order to stop them from raising a gigantic amount of dollars, which would make Snap ultra competitive to them.
@kostgx @chrismessina Well yes, it feels like that is ALL it is doing. Chopping up the experience and throwing stuff at the wall, feels more like their strategy.
@kostgx @as_austin @chrismessina IMHO all this does is show everyone (including equity analysts) how scared FB is of SNAP, which will probably have the opposite effect and bump UP their ipo price
Snapchat by Facebook
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@taylornikolai Haha! I should have put that as the title instead of 'Flash by Facebook' ;-)
Wow even the UI/UX looks same
What about the very valid Snap “Single mode visual media capture" patent? Does FB just ngaf about that?