Flash Boys

Inside the high-frequency trading floors of Wall Street

Michael Lewis, just like Malcolm Gladwell, wraps his well-researched non-fiction reading in a really nice story. This one is all about finance. High-frequency trading to be exact. Why did someone lay glass fiber cables from the Chicago Merchant Exchange all the way to New Jersey's datacenters that run Wall Street? To shave of a few micro seconds. Very very interesting book. I can recommend it everyone!
@mfts0 i've read almost every other Michael Lewis book - my top 3 in order are Moneyball, Liar's Poker, and The New New Thing can't wait till we get him in for an AMA :)
Reading this now... I worked for a little on Wall Street and this just makes me hate those institutions all that much more. Silicon Valley is creating jobs & products while Wall Street is "creating" new ways to tack on fees and screw the layman. That rant aside, this book is absolutely amazing and a must read to understand how tech has affected the street and a brief glimpse into the ridiculous world of the largest & even smaller banks.
Flash Boys by Michael Lewis is a riveting nonfiction thriller that exposes the dirty world of high-frequency trading on Wall Street. Lewis is an award-winning journalist whose investigative reporting reads like a first-rate page-turner. Finishing Flash Boys left me in awe of his mastery of the craft and reminded me how much I have to learn.
I read this book in 2 days, highly recommended. Really fascinating look into the ever-changing world of finance and how technology is affecting it. Especially relevant because HFT and dark pools still affect everyone trading on the market today...
Reading this now. Mind blown already by the time I reached chapter 2. Incredible that no one (Except Brad Katsuyama) had the urge to dig deep enough to really understand what they were seeing in then markets