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NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
Hi everyone. We just launched a few days ago on Indiegogo, and wanted to let the Product Hunt community know about our bike. Flash is an ebike with built-in safety and security features like high-intensity LEDs and movement-sensitive alarm, plus wireless cellular communication with your phone. Let us know if you have any questions, and we'd be happy to answer them here. Thanks!
Elliot Volkman@elliot_s_volkman · Tech Reporter and Gadget Reviewer
@nvidinsky What's this going to retail for post campaign? Just curious as a comparison to another e-assist bike I'm reviewing now.
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@elliot_s_volkman Plans for eventual full retail price will be $1,999 though, as you suggest, we'll be running many discounts during our Indiegogo campaign.
Josean Muñoz@josean_munoz · Tech lover, content creator!
Great work! I love it, where does it has the motor? In the wheel or in the bottom bracket?
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@josean_munoz Flash has a geared rear hub motor (500 watts). There's some more info on our specs page: https://flashbike.io/specs
Sagar Honakeri@sagar868 · Engineer at Nonspec, Startup enthusiast
This is really really awesome! But priced pretty high I think. It deserves a lot more attention on PH than it has got now. Amazing bike! Who do you think are your competition?
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@sagar868 Thanks for your kinds words! We've actually priced Flash quite aggressively, especially in comparison to the overall electric bike market. Many bikes with some of our features retail for thousands more.
Kristofer™@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Great looking bike. Would a normal bike shop be able to tune this up?
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@kristofertm Absolutely. Aside from our on-board electronics, the mechanical aspects of the bike are like any other. Your local shop can do things like replace brake pads, tighten cables, etc. There's some more detail available on our Hep Center: https://support.flashbike.io
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
Like it.Noticed there are some visible wires, wondering what will happen if someone cut those wires? And how hard will it be to repair them.
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@huangdun That would be a bummer, but I suppose any bike is susceptible. If it were a brake cable, a replacement cable could likely be easily run through by a local shop. If the electronics wiring were cut, you'd need someone with experience to patch the cut ends, or we could certainly do the repair work for you. The first step would be to contact us.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
@nvidinsky will that make the gps disconnected or so?
NickMaker@nvidinsky · Flash
@huangdun you're beginning to sound like a bike thief :) Nope, messing with the external handlebar cables would have no effect on GPS.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
@nvidinsky has been stolen so many bikes, just want to make sure it’s unbreakable especially when you see so many cables come out from the bike and obviously it’s not just break cable over there.