Messages that embed on an incoming call.

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For quick and contextual questions like - Where are you? - Are you coming for dinner? - Does this dress look good? The answers are atomic, Yes/No/Location/Photo etc can be the responses. If we use messaging apps for such questions, you may get the answer too late. Calls are intrusive and blocking (low information density) and cannot share rich media (location/pictures etc). When you send a flash message to someone, he gets a special incoming call (with message plastered on top) and quick response options (Reply with Yes/No/Location/Photo etc). So you can answer with just one swipe. And most importantly, the whole process is near synchronous (like a call, you get a response within a minute). Would love to hear your feedback and comments on this. PS: We will also be unveiling the Flash API/SDK very soon, with which you can send Flashes, configure the response options etc.
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@nyn Really great idea. Might become as big as messaging! Product hunt today is full of truly new and great products
@kuolldev Thanks. Really humbled by the turn of events.
It looks like you cannot use this without giving away your phone number?
@sishin_santhosh Sending flash is not like sending a message. It can be very effective if used properly, but also can be annoying, if it gets too much. So, you can only send flashes to people who are in your address book. It is the first level filter to be in someone's flash network.
Awesome! This will come in handy! Like the concept and the app, but the colors are too bright and flashy.
@viivi_vishnu I deliberately chose aggressive colors to depict the urgency of messaging Flash represents. Unlike general text messaging apps, Flash represent semi-synchronous communication. So, I chose aggressive bright colors. Hope it is not too glaring?
Interesting concept. If integrated into apps like Uber/Logistics apps, could be very helpful for avoiding all those messy calls from "the lost Uber/Logistics drivers" asking for the exact pickup location. http://giphy.com/gifs/southparkg...
@faizan_ke Yeah, That is my wet dream :-|
Good idea! The reason Google's Allo got a lot of attention is because they had those prompt features. That got a lot of people talking and also adopting. Similarly, I think Flash can solve a lot of time. Can Flash be seamlessly integrated to other apps/tools? This is definitely a good idea. Kudos to the makers!
@manusrikumar Technically yes. Practically I don't know. At some point when Flash has a community of users behind it, other apps/tools will find it useful to integrate with it. But yeah, that's what I am want to head towards.
@nyn Awesome! All the very best for that!