Flarum Pro

Modern discussion boards for your audience.

A managed hosting solution for Flarum, the best discussion board software.

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I like the minimal design. How does this compare to other solutions like Spectrum, Discourse, and other forum-like software, @lawrencewu_?
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@lawrencewu_ Congrats! Does it still have same bugs and issues as a core Flarum project? Or you've forked it and fixed it? If yes it would be nice to see a change log. Thanks.
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Looks fantastic but with any discussion board, the challenge is moving the discussion from reddit or facebook to a new board. It requires considerable effort to nurture an open community. If you have a good plan for that, then Flarum Pro certainly looks like a beautiful solution.
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Is that official?
Great idea! I’d seen the Discourse Hosting team do something similar and like this concept.