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A managed hosting solution for Flarum, the best discussion board software.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I like the minimal design. How does this compare to other solutions like Spectrum, Discourse, and other forum-like software, @lawrencewu_?
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Vlad Pekhfront-end developer
@lawrencewu_ Congrats! Does it still have same bugs and issues as a core Flarum project? Or you've forked it and fixed it? If yes it would be nice to see a change log. Thanks.
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Abbas Jaffar Ali
Director, Tbreak Media
Looks fantastic but with any discussion board, the challenge is moving the discussion from reddit or facebook to a new board. It requires considerable effort to nurture an open community. If you have a good plan for that, then Flarum Pro certainly looks like a beautiful solution.
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Daniël KlabbersNerding the net, devving the app
Hello everyone. As one of the core developers of Flarum I'd like to point out that Flarum Pro is in no way related or affiliated with Flarum, its copyright owner Toby Zerner or the core team of Flarum. In terms of stability our stance is that Flarum is in beta, and by using it in production you accept that there might be some risks. There could be bugs, there will be broken extensions when new betas are released (especially with the upcoming 0.1.0-beta.8), and there could be features that aren't yet there which are necessary for daily use (performance optimizations, search efficiency, SEO features, etc). Many people are using Flarum in production and are happy with it. Many people have chosen to wait for the stable version. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with. I'm sorry to barge into this PH, but I felt the above was information supplementing what the Flarum Pro team provided. We wish Flarum Pro the best of luck with their services! Thank you for considering using Flarum as your forum. https://flarum.org https://opencollective.com/flarum
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Steven J. Selcuk
Software Developer & Aviator & Filmmaker
Is that official?