Flare is your backup in a bracelet

Flare is a personal safety system that empowers wearers to feel confident and in control. Our first product is a discreet smart bracelet and mobile app with personalized options that give you an easy out in an uncomfortable situation before things escalate.
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We fight to create a world where you don't have to make compromises for your safety, because we all deserve the power and confidence to boldly live the life we choose. Designed by survivors of assault, we know what it’s like to feel unsafe. That’s why we created Flare; to help you take control of your safety. Flare is a smart bracelet and mobile app with personalized features to get you out of uncomfortable situations sooner in the moment before things escalate. Just press the button and Flare's got your back. Press for a call: Press the button on the side of your bracelet once. You’ll get a recorded call that sounds like a friend who needs you. That’s your cue to leave. You can even choose and change up the caller’s voice and your excuses to leave, right from the Flare app. Hold for a friend: Press and hold the button on the side of your bracelet for 3 seconds. This will send a group text to your crew, along with your location, asking them to check in with you. Pre-select up to five trusted friends as your crew in the Flare app.
Hey, I'm Quinn, Flare's other co-founder. We were tired of the alarmist images and rhetoric that have dominated the personal safety industry. Instead we sought to create a brand based on real experience and data, backed by industry-leading experts. Flare is about hidden signals, much like a mood ring, because safety isn’t black and white; the energies we give off and receive are colorful signals that we can tap into to better recognize iffy situations. A rich supporting Aura system evokes these nuanced states of feeling, acting as heat maps or Auras that speak to the powerful and intuitive “sixth sense” we all feel when it comes to our safety. Our identity celebrates the intersection of the individual and the collective. Live your life. Flare, your intuition, and your friends are always there with you.
I really like this idea and love that you figured out how to avoid the need to charge.
@rrhoover Thanks! That came from a lot of user feedback. Our first product design was rechargeable and users didn't like it because it was too hard to remember to charge it when you needed it. So we scrapped that design and started over. Always listening to user feedback!
Genius. My daughter will get one (gift) and hopefully her classmates will too.
@brianmatt Yes we would love her feedback
Great idea! Reminds me a lot of this IFTTT applet: https://ifttt.com/applets/12269p...
@itsbrex thank you! Yes - we heard from users that what they needed most is a super discreet way to activate exactly these kinds of features and more- that's why Flare is a smart bracelet.