A physical counter for all your social accounts

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Christophe Avignon
@chrisavignon · CEO @flapitcounter
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Christophe Avignon
@chrisavignon · CEO @flapitcounter
Thx for the hunt @vivianroldo! Happy to be part of the community @producthunt In short, You can connect the counter to your social media pages, custom message and our api enable you to connect the device to any kind of data. 😖 Should you have any questions.... Cheers!
@bob6664569 · CEO, Squareshop.io
Are you related in a way or another to the French "Smiiirl" ? https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Ben Wilson
@benwilsondesign · Graphic Designer, HighQ
While I do feel this is pretty expensive for what it is, I do also think it's pretty damn cool haha
Fred Rivett
@fredrivett · One half of @wecontrast
Love the idea here. We all know users love social proof, so bringing that front and centre to the offline world makes total sense. Plus I love the old school flap mechanism over a digital counter, this helps reinforce the real world aspect for me. Not sure it's worth the price at £299, but would definitely be interested if I was a shop owner and the price w… See more
@tahatayyab · Discover360 →Search Engine for Instagram
How you justify the price of $ 449 ( = Price of 16GB iPad Air 2 ) ?