An open source cross-platform Tinder desktop client

First of all i should mention that building and using this source code is totally against Tinder's TOS. I've started this project to learn Vue.js. People start to get interested in it soo.. we're here 🙃 I've added a road map on github, ideas/recommendations/pull-requests are very welcome. EDIT: The API access is blocked somehow 🙄. This is not working anymore. Thank y'all for your interest in this short adventure! The source code is still on github and you're very welcome to do whatever you want with it.
@alican Vue.js is amazing - great choice
I assume that using this is against Tinder's TOS? Or does Tinder suddenly have a supported 3rd party API?
@chrismessina Its against Tinder's TOS. He mentioned that in his comment
@leovarmak @chrismessina i actually added the part after he mentioned it, thanks for the heads-up!
@alican @leovarmak yeah, I didn't see a comment about this when I wrote mine. It does seem like if you use your own authorization token you should be able to get around the restriction? But then again, that's taking a legal risk which I don't necessarily condone or endorse. :P
@chrismessina *cough* play with the request headers *cough*
Looks great keep it up.