Flamelink (beta)

Flamelink is an easy-to-use CMS for Google's Firebase.


Are you a Google Firebase User looking for a slick user interface to effortlessly add and manage content for your Firebase projects?

Enter Flamelink, the content centric CMS built for Firebase.

For a limited time, Flamelink is free to get started.

Check out our beta version at https://flamelink.io/. We'd love to hear what you think.

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4 Reviews3.8/5

Before I even knew what the product was, I was drawn in by the copy and the design of the ads. They are all really witty and fun. I love the personality of the product.


The marketing and ad designs are amazing!



Customized Content: Flamelink removes the guesswork by allowing you to create the content models you want via the CMS you need. Flexible Frontends: Put your best foot forward by coding in your favourite framework. Flamelink isn't judging. Realtime Updates: The seamless integration between Flamelink and Firebase means you can add your content and with one click, it’s out there.


It's easy to use, perfect for content managers and coders alike.



The key benefit about Flamelink is that it saves everyone so much time and stress. Developers can set up the content fields and then the content manager can update them which makes both sides a lot happier and more efficient.


Cheeky sense of humour and great customer care


Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this? No cons, great idea!

There isn't enough documentation,code examples or community support for a new dev (like me) in my opinion. I love the idea but I wasted two days trying to config Firestore with Gatsby and couldn't get things up and running. I was plagued with errors and when I searched Google for help I found almost nothing available. I checked a couple of the forums and the fb page but came up empty handed. I don't have these types of issues with Contenful and Netlify so maybe I'll try again in a year or so to see if the situation has improved.