Interactive stories through group chat with stickers.

#5 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2015
Flake is an awesome, new way to connect with friends. We’ve been working closely with the team now for a couple months, and I’m excited for the rest of the world to see what they’ve been building. Visual messaging is changing the way we communicate, and the Flake team has taken this to the next level. Simply start with a photo, add text / drawings / stickers and watch your friends transform the image in to a hilarious, ever-changing story. Everyone has group chats that they use as a form of social entertainment – this app takes that concept to the next level. Nice work Flake team!
Jason, thanks for the kind words! It’s been a ton of fun working on Flake with the imoji team. My team and I built Flake to let users “interact visually” through group chat. Even in the hyper-crowded messaging space, we feel that this idea of visual interaction has potential as a fundamental form of mobile communication. By bringing the immersive but single-person experience of visual messaging apps to group chat, we’ve tried to create an experience that makes interacting with one another’s media as natural as sharing your own. We built a couple of other features that we hope add to the fun of a collaborative, visual group chat. We wanted to make media central to group chat, so users access the camera right from the homescreen by pulling down on the chat tableview. Since the flake is ever-changing, we also created a way to let users change their avatars instantly within each flake by taking one-tap GIF reaction shots. Hope you guys have some fun with Flake and excited to get feedback from the PH community!
seems cool and kudos for going into such a crowded space (apps/messaging). How do you see this growing - past this crowd (PH) whats the hook/catch here? I've seens lots of apps in the video/photo/messaging space come and go - your best bet here is to figure out how to get into the hands of kids in school / high-school / college if that demographic likes it you've got something really special on your hands. Goodluck on your journey!
@rickats Appreciate that! It's definitely a tough space 😬. One of our teammates, @connorwitt, is pushing hard is really active in the mobile art community and is pushing hard there first. We're going to try to see what works and go from there!
@rickats Thanks for the feedback! I've found there's an active community of people that have a lot fun using photo messaging apps in creative ways, and I think the hope is that by including the tools be creative in a group messenger we can carve out a niche as a fun place for friends already using group chats.
@jeremy_41 @connowitt awesome guys! hope it all works out :)