Frontend safe Airtable. Secure and scope your API key.

Using your Airtable API key in a frontend is a bad idea. With that key, anyone could wreak havoc on your bases. Flairtable scopes your Airtable API key. It allows you to safely link your Airtable bases with your frontend or client.
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Hi, Hunters! ☀️ Thanks for checking out Flairtable! I'm Ian, the guy who built this :) Like a lot of people, I like simple well-working things. I also love Airtable. With Flairtable I want to create a 'simple database' experience, and absolutely love the way Airtable handles databasey operations. 🙇‍♂️ Problem: The Airtable API is not meant to be used in a frontend/client. Your Airtable API key has way too many privileges. If you just leave it lingering in your frontend code, anyone can control your Airtable bases. 💡 Solution: Build a layer between Airtable and your frontend that scopes your API Key. I called this layer Flairtable (F(rontend)-(weird)l-airtable). Flairtable only allows read operations on your Airtable bases. I'm really curious what you think. I also like the way Firebase handles its database rules, would you want to see that implemented too? And is user management something that is absolutely necessary? Another thing I would love your input on is pricing 💸. Do you think it's fair this way? Is there some other pricing method that is more logical? Speaking of which: I'm running a 33% launch day discount for early adopters! 🤑 Cheers! Ian
@yoni_kok have you checked out miniExtensions? They have an extension that allows row-level editable permissions, which, in my case would be useful... kind of like the way Google Forms allows the submitter to edit their entry.
@chrismessina I just took a look at it. Looks very useful. I would like to add 'users' in the future, which would allow a user to edit a row that he/she created, but not others. Would that solve your use case?
@yoni_kok yes! My use case is presented on my Product Hunt submission form. People submit their products to be hunted but I have no way of allowing them to update their entry once it's been submitted. Would love to change that!
@chrismessina Cool! I was hoping someone would request that feature! I'll let you know once it's done :)
@yoni_kok Hi Ian. Congratulations on the product launch. I am creating a resource material for founders & entrepreneurs where I am interviewing different entrepreneurs and makers on their product launches. This will be read by upcoming founders who are planning to launch their product and this also will add an additional stream of awareness for your product as well. I was wondering if you would like to share your experience as well. Here is the link https://forms.gle/srwVDhwGHT7YcG5N8
Congrats on the launch!, will look to check it out! I left some comments here in context on your landing page too that I hope might be useful to you :) https://app.usebubbles.com/71b87...
@tom4 Thanks! Also great to have the feedback! Very useful :)
Great! How does it secure the api key? Is there no way for others to retrieve it if I use flairtable? Pricing as of now is $8/year for 100k requests right?
@albertmakes Thanks for checking it out! No-one can retrieve you Airtable API key. You get a new key from Flairtable. The Flairtable key only allows reads on your Airtable bases. And yep! Anyone coming from Producthunt or Hackernews gets a discounted price of $8/year for 100k requests. Otherwise it's $12 a year.