Flair Flights

Your personal flights diary

Flair is an app designed to help you keep track of your flights history. After adding your past trips, Flair will show you a map of all the airports you've flown to and from and give you some cool stats about your time up in the air!



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Sarthak Grover
Sarthak Grover@sarthakgrover · Consumer Tech 
Cool! Is there any way to 'import' itineraries from earlier other than manually typing them in?
Andrea Epifani
Andrea EpifaniMaker@andyepx · UX Developer
@sarthakgrover There will soon be a way to import from CSV or directly via email 👍 stay tuned!
Steven Rueter
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
A simple and intelligent idea. Very cool.
Website doesn't show anything but the logo? Similar older (and ancient looking) projects: https://my.flightradar24.com, https://openflights.org/, https://www.flightmemory.com
Zach Weismann
Zach Weismann@zachweismann · CEO & Founder at CancerQ
@pax_ yea would be great to add onto what flightradar 24 does as they don't have a mobile app
@zachweismann hmm, I don't get it, why would we need an app just to check the flight history, when we can see that in the browser? Open flights has the neat feature (when not broken) to automatically import flights from http://tripit.com – which you can submit just by forwarding your booking email. Having already that set up, I don't see why one would go through the trouble of manually importing each flight.
Andrea Epifani
Andrea EpifaniMaker@andyepx · UX Developer
@pax_ Thanks :) we're currently working on the website, at the moment the mobile app is the only way to interact with Flair but email import is coming soon! Stay tuned for more 👍
but not even a copy-paste description + links to the app stores? – if you went through all the trouble of putting the logo :P
Zach Weismann
Zach Weismann@zachweismann · CEO & Founder at CancerQ
@pax_ My point is Flight Radar already has this functionality in addition to more data than Fair Flight - https://my.flightradar24.com/
Josh Khoury
Josh Khoury@josh_khoury · Sales, Freelance
Why didn't I think of this before?) Very cool and necessary thing, guys! My congratulations)
benburns@benburns · Product Manager, Bose
Seems like this would be awesome, if it could just take my gmail login and comb through for every flight I've ever been confirmed on. And then if the map could actually use the recorded flight paths that those flights actually took, instead of just drawing a fake great circle from one city to the next, that would be even better! As it is today, it seems like it just takes a lot of effort to type everything in without much more of a payoff than... having a list you just typed.
Andrea Epifani
Andrea EpifaniMaker@andyepx · UX Developer
@benburns Great idea, would love to find a way to get flight map data to draw a more accurate map... 👍 We're currently working at email import, so you'll soon be able to email your flight bookings (past and future) instead of having to manually import them.