A minimalistic full screen camera app with sharing 📸

Flache is a minimalistic full screen camera app with sharing. With larger screen sizes being commonplace, it's time to take advantage of the screen real estate! Flache also comes with a sharing feature so that photos can be posted on any social platform available. No more taking "letter-boxed" pictures, with Flache, you get bigger pictures for all your content.

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Brilliant @pbellot - thanks for creating this - the difference in size is amazing when testing with an iPhone 6
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@krishnade Thank you 😊
@pbellot You are very welcome - I just shared with my eldest daughter and she was surprised to see the difference too - plan to share it as a resource with my students too! Do you have plans to develop it further?
@krishnade I do have some ideas, like some AR filters perhaps. I have a few ideas.
@krishnade Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate that! Thank you.
@pbellot Looking forward to seeing what you build!
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Amazing idea and awesome app!!
@digimarktech thank you Marc 😊
Note 8 already has this!
@traveler Yes, that may be true. I really don’t know because I only work with iOS. And with this being my first submission to the AppStore, I’m pretty proud and excited that someone would take the time to submit my app to Product Hunt. Thank you.
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@pbellot Sorry I don't mean to be rude. I was just informing. 😊 Happy for you!
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How much more can a camera be dumb down. Form over function. Wow just make everything one click with out even having to aim... Sheeple and those to enable sheeple.
@androidlove There’s a story behind the app. While at my daughter’s school function, I was taking pictures with the system camera app. I noticed that I wasn’t getting all of the picture. The picture was being cropped at the top and bottom. That annoyed me. I built Flache to take full screen pictures of my daughter. I can understand your comment, but I assure you that it was not my intention to build a camera app for the sheeple by the sheeple. I hope that you can take beautiful pictures of your children as they grow up. Those memories are so important.
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If you have ever been irritated with not being able to capture full screen photos on your iPhone, this is the app for you!


A free solution to create full sized images on your iPhone


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