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Really impressed with what these guys have built. High quality video training + an active community. They just released a new Business Roadmap inside of Fizzle, and it's really good.
@mijustin thanks, Justin. We did indeed just release the new roadmap, which ties all of our courses together. We also just rebuilt our community forums from the ground up.
@jfilcik +1 to that. The podcast is the perfect balance of education, entertainment, and activation.
Hey ProductHunt, please feel free to ask any questions you'd like about the business. We're pretty open about things around here. And I'm just the dumb creative director, but I can get answers from @corbettbarr and @barrettabrooks :)
If there's one podcast I can't (and never) miss is Fizzle. Just four awesome people mixed in a one-hour talk where you laugh, learn and get inspired to take action. The best show of online business ever!
@sergiosa_la ¡Gracias Sergio!
it's a shame that you have to enter a credit card before you can see what courses are available
@_jacksmith that's a good point. Here's a few of my favorites: 1. Effective Web Design for Founders (teaser here) 2. Build Your Email List: The First 10k Subscribers 3. Productivity Essentials
@_jacksmith thanks for that feedback, Jack. We've definitely talked internally about creating a public course library. To help, here's a full list of our available courses: The Fizzle Mindset Choosing a Business Topic Defining Your Audience The Fizzle Business Sketch Template Productivity Essentials Differentiation (How to make your business stand out) Telling Your Story: From Elevator Pitch to Taglline Wordpress Tutorial Series Essentials of Website Design for Business Builders Introduction to Website Traffic Build Your Email List: Your First 10k Subscribers and Beyond How to Create Effective and Engaging Content Start a Blog that Matters The Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog (Taught by guest instructors Dana & John Shultz) Shareable Images for Blogs and Social Media Getting Started with Podcasting Advanced Podcasting (Taught by guest instructor John Lee Dumas) Getting Started with Video Production Essentials of Shooting and Editing Video Hosting Videos Online: Service Comparison Google Analytics Launching Just Ship It Challenge Essentials of Book Yourself Solid (Taught by guest instructor Jason Billows) Introduction to Twitter Accepting Payments Online: Service Comparison Connect with Anyone (Taught by guest instructor Scott Dinsmore) Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way (Taught by guest instructor Pat Flynn)
@_jacksmith I hear you on that front.
A cool community and product. They're podcast is also a fun interesting listen, no credit card required :) - http://www.producthunt.com/podca....
@jfilcik thanks, Joe!
@jfilcik you clearly are a man of unquestionable taste!