Generate more revenue from your mailing list

Fixtail is your bridge between Stripe + MailChimp. When your customers purchase in Stripe, we make sure that information gets sent into MailChimp so you can use that revenue data to more accurately target and communicate with your email list.

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Yo PH! Paul from the Fixtail team here. Fixtail grabs Stripe orders and automagically syncs them as ecommerce data to your MailChimp subscribers. That way you know who bought what, and when, on your list. The point of Fixtail is that you can be smarter with emails and send segmented campaigns (to just buyers or just non-buyers), or segmented automations (buyers vs non-buyers), or even segment folks out of automations (i.e. your sales funnel stops pitching if someone buys). Yes, this is possible for people who use Shopify or WOO or Magento, but for everyone else—from SaaS app peeps, to course creators, to people with a single Stripe Checkout button on their site, we make it possible to connect your ecommerce to your list. To answer a few common questions: * If you also use Paypal you can upload CSVs (we’re working on full Paypal integration). * People who buy from you can be automatically subscribed, or not. Depends how you want to set your products up. * Fixtail is different from Zapier zaps because Zapier only updates subscribers in groups, it doesn’t connect ecommerce information. Fixtail started because I sell a bunch of online courses and needed this data to run my business better. So I hired Zack Gilbert to code it, and when I started showing folks how it worked, they were all like, “OMG I WANT THIS TOO”. Now Zack’s a cofounder and we turned it from code that worked on my site to a fully-functional SaaS app.
@pjrvs hey man! Love your work, and always love seeing people scratching their own itch. What did you use to create the walkthrough in the video?
@andrewaskins Thank you! I used Quicktime :) I edited it in iMovie.
Super helpful tool! I will sure get it as soon as my revenues grow up. An free entry plan limited to X sells would be great
@silviogulizia Thanks Silvio! We debated a free plan, but ultimately, we want to focus on paying customers—software is very costly and time consuming to build. We're a small team and decided on only offering a paid plan, with no contract (so you're not locked in).
Whoa! Looks promising. I would definitely like to dive in once I start doing sales via email lists.
@weirdowizard Thanks Darshan! 👌
Looks awesome! Congrats on the launch, Paul and Zack.
@rankxl Thanks Chris! 👍
Looks really useful! Congrats on the launch.
@justinweiss Thank you kindly! 👋