iPhone repair and replacement in 1-click

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This is a really interesting app that solves a problem I often have: I drop my iPhone a lot, and I wonder if it needs to be repaired or serviced via a technician. Sometimes the screen cracks. Other times, there's a small bend in the frame. Dropbot is a simple app that detects if the phone was dropped and if so, helps you find the nearest technician to fix the problem. Leave it running on the phone, and you'll get a notification to help guide you. How it works:
@daveambrose thanks Dave for the support. What could we do better?
@daveambrose thanks for hunting us! Co-founder of DropBot here. DropBot exists to get your phone repaired or replaced as fast as possible. Before DropBot, your options were either wasting hours dealing with insurance or waiting an eternity for repairs on your old one. Using your device's motion sensors, our technology detects damage the second it drops and starts the process immediately, so you get your phone back in hours not days. Looking forward to hearing what you think about DropBot!
Very interesting, do they have relationships with repair/ insurance companies for discounts or anything?
@josevieitez we work with your insurance to provide you with free and amazing service. If you don't, we have partnerships with repair shops across the nation to make sure you are getting the best possible pricing and service. If the insurance deductible or repair price is too high for you, we also provide DropBot Protection which gets you the low price of $50 on a repair or replacement for only $5/mo. Tell us you saw us on ProductHunt and we'll give you a 20% discount!
@josevieitez great questions Jose- we have partnerships with some of the largest repair and insurance companies on the planet. Average repair time is less than a few minutes... average replacement time is less than 22 hours.