Your car is talking, are you listening? (pre-launch)

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Georgia Tech team of recent (and soon to be) graduates looking to make a dent in the automotive industry. I've been working with them the entire summer. One way or another they are going to make owning a car way better.
@sanjay really dig this concept and it's a real pain point as well!
I featured these guys on Crowd Loot last week - definitely a relatable product, as my "check brake" light has been coming on intermittantly for the last few weeks. I know this means "get to a mechanic ASAP", but the nerd in me wants to know more. I also like how they tell you the consequences of ignoring the light, and how much it's likely to cost you to fix it. Probably worth noting that they're pre-launch (Kickstarter)
@fimspecialist they are pre-launch-ish. product is real and will get delivered. trust me, I spent the summer advising them. :-)
@fimspecialist Thank you for the feature on Crowd Loot, Ross! While FIXD is still technically pre-launch, the more traction we receive on Kickstarter, the more likely we can drastically shorten the development timeline. -Rachel, Business Development @ FIXD
Hey, this is great. I'd definitely use this, it would put your mind at ease in those situations where you're not sure exactly what the problem is and how severe it is. Looking forward to seeing the progress!
Great price point!
This is a really interesting space since in the past people had to go to a mechanic in order to "figure out what is wrong" with their car. I put this in quotes because I am sure many of us have had an experience with a bad mechanic which ended up charging us for a lot of unnecessary work. Now we have these easy to plug in devices that can give us most of the information we need to make the correct decisions when talking with a mechanic or if you are handy, to fix the issue yourself. With that being said, I wonder how this compares with Automatic* and which offer diagnostic functionality, as well as, driving statistics such as gas milage, where you traveled, etc. *I have been using Automatic for nearly a year and love it. Definitely has changed my driving habits for the better.