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Hi Product Hunt! I love reading articles on, so I decided to make this reader for iOS! You can easily bookmark articles for later, switch between verticals, and enjoy the latest content from FiveThirtyEight. I hope you guys enjoy it. EDIT: I received word back from FiveThirtyEight's managing editor, David Firestone, and he said to take it down unfortunately.
@derek_t_lo cool! but won't there be an issue calling the app "FiveThirtyEight"?
@derek_t_lo Can you discuss the mobile dev tech you used here to create the app?
@bentossell @derek_t_lo Would have been good to call it something more playful like 'five hundred plus thirty eight' e.g.
@bentossell I'm not sure actually - I emailed Nate Silver and a couple others on the FiveThirtyEight team a week before I released it to see if they'd want it, but haven't heard from them. If they want me to change the name I'll do it immediately for sure. Also, since I'm not making any money from it I figure it would be ok? Good point though...
@joostschuur yeah that's a great name idea πŸ˜„ I guess I just thought it would be hard to find on the App Store if it was named something else. But I'll definitely change it if they want me to. As far as the implementation it's pretty simple - just Obj-C and native web view. Parsing the document tree client side.
FiveThirtyEight has great content, I love the site, but I'm not sure what value a specific app brings. The experience of browsing using the Apple News app is excellent, loads quickly, and I can get access to wealth of other sources in the same place, works across devices etc.
@ajgxyz Same can be done on Android using Google Newsstand app. Just wanted to mention it.
I wish they'd release an official data driven app. Call it 538data or something. Would contain only data driven articles & raw data.