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Hi PH community First, I would like to thank @tchret for hunting me down! So, why fivemarks? The answer is quite simple, every time I travel it's a pain to find the best spots in a city. There is just too much information, too much sources, too much noise... At the end it takes too long to find the right one. Fivemarks is focused on two things: less data and contextualized data. Get rid of ratings (good or bad) just ask yourself "is that place is good enough" and add it to your guide; you want to get your friends' tips about cities they've been to? Just look at their fivemarks. I hope you'll like it! Let me know if you have any questions, Cheers, Thomas
Looks promising. It would have been good to allow the users to add their favorite activities against each location. Also, creating an itinerary view might help new tourists to visit the spots in the correct order.
@phpfour Hello Mohammed, users can add a story to each spot, wether it's a story, memory or activity but i'm writing this in my idea book. Love the idea of the itinerary, I'm adding this right now to my to do list :)
@thomas_duchamp cool, glad you liked the idea of itinerary :)