Five Simple Steps

Affordable 5 step web design pocket guides + books

Ships from the UK but the books and pocket guides themselves are super affordable. Five Simple Steps is more of a publisher - experts write the content in five steps/parts. A quote on the homepage sums it up well: longer than a blog post but shorter than a 500 page book on any given topic. Guides are around $5, books are around $20l. I want them all. [h/t sidebar]
@stttories hi Tori, I'm Craig and I own Five Simple Steps. We do have a US distributor, perhaps we should make that clearer on the site. Thanks for the kind words.
I started my freelance web designer career reading "A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web", now I'm supporting my family from it, great books totally recommended.
@thinkxl thanks for that lovely comment - it means a lot.
Hey guys, I run Five Simple Steps with my wife. Great to hear good things about our little books. We have distribution centers in the US as well as the UK and have recently added conference video to the site.