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Ed Lea@edlea · Founder, Highgate Labs
Very interesting, but it seems that it still requires a decent amount of technical knowledge/ability. Are there plans to take it further and become more like, say, Mobile Roadie?
Omar ChoudhryMaker@omarchoudhry · Founder of Evolv Labs
@edlea Thanks Ed - we've been working on just that. There's complete step by step documentation to help users our along with some video guides too. We've just announced a 'App Configurator' where you can purchase an add on that allows you to add content without having to even download the source code!
 Ziad TamimMaker@ziad_tamim · Founder of IntensifyStudio
Thanks guys. We have a full-fledged documentation that goes step by step with the process to launch the App. Documentation
Chase Miller@psuchase · InfoSec Student, CMU
Looks great, @ziad_tamim! Is there a demo app that was built with FitYo that we could check out?
Omar ChoudhryMaker@omarchoudhry · Founder of Evolv Labs
@psuchase Yep, we've just launched one buddy. Head over to the site and scroll down to the bottom to get the preview on your device :)
Billy Mauro@billymauro · Product Marketing
If you can make it as simple as drag and drop then this can totally make a major impact for people that are not technical. It should come to the point where someone does not need to touch a line of code. Great work though. Definitely on to something if you can make a bunch of templates for different verticals.
 Ziad TamimMaker@ziad_tamim · Founder of IntensifyStudio
@billymauro Thanks so much for your feedback. Indeed, we are right now working on the process of making a bunch of themes available to customers. On the other hand, there's also a configuration service if the customer want us to set up and launch the app for him.
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
Where can I buy iOS apps (on other topics) ready to publish like this one ?
 Ziad TamimMaker@ziad_tamim · Founder of IntensifyStudio
@steveraffner Yes, you can publish this one on the AppStore. You need just to have your videos.