Fitness at your fingertips. Live fitness classes.

Live-stream your fitness classes! Have fitness classes delivered to your mobile live and get the perfect home workout. Pay as and when you want, for a fraction of the price of a normal class.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @sjoness_, Where do you find the instructors?
Sam Jones
Co-Founder & CTO @ Fittever
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, initially, we have approached local gym studios and PTs via email and/or social media in order to see if they would be interested in learning about Fittever and trying it out with their classes. Then we would arrange a time to visit their studio to give them some tips on how to deliver a good live-stream experience, by positioning the camera correctly and ensuring the lighting and audio is good. The response from this has been incredibly flattering so far, each instructor that we have approached has been very keen to get involved. We had already gathered six instructors pre-launch, so that we could ensure content is available for our users immediately post-launch, but it doesn’t stop there, we are working hard to gather more instructors so that we can provide our users with a healthy variety of classes. As the community grows, we hope that more instructors will come on board by way of referral, as the Instructors presently on Fittever, will share the app with their peers within the fitness community.