A slim, thermo-insulated, leakproof lunchbox

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9 Reviews4.4/5
Would love to see it hold other foods besides salad. Maybe even a soup to see how spill proof it actually is.
@kaleemclarkson Yes would love to see some thing other than salad as well.
@kaleemclarkson Well it's written it's designed to be 100% leakproof, so I guess you have to trust they thought about it and they know how to sort this out. But I'm not a fan of rigid compartments anyway. It looks to me like I'm supposed to feed with the exact same quantities and kind of food than anybody else and every day. It's so boring just to think of. I'm not refilling you know... I'm enjoying my lunch, and it's different every day. That's why those tupperwares Fittbo wants to replace are sized differently and are cheap enough you can buy them. The idea is not innovative at all... I saw many other projects looking as cool and as pricey and they are all the same. Keep it simple. Sometimes those hipsters carrying food in their paperbags are right!
How is this better than a bento box?
It's cool. I see the Fittbo is sitting alongside glass containers in your home. Any chance a glass version will be made?
Too much room for salad, not enough room for protein.