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Geet Khosla@geetkhosla · Family, Health and Entrepreneurship.
Such a cool idea, just downloaded it. Looking forward to checking out the functionality!
Ronak KakkadMaker@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
@geetkhosla Thank You Geet, we would love to hear from you :)
Rohit DsouzaMaker@market_2_sell · techie
@geetkhosla I am the tech lead for Fitspur. Right now our app features are very basic and simple to use. In the future, according to what the community suggests, we would like to add more features also we are working on the android version of the app.
Ronak KakkadMaker@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting Fitspur and putting it up here. Fitspur is basically developed to help people find their fitness buddies as well as partners for various sporting activities like tennis, golf, soccer, etc. In the initial stages we found that the current social media were quite horizontal and that's how we thought to come up with Fitspur. Fitspur currently has very simple and easy to use features. It is available in US, UK and India. We currently have 200+ users for the app in the Bay Area since our initial marketing activities focused on that area specifically. We would love to hear a feedback from the community :)
Ronak KakkadMaker@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
We've been getting suggestions to open the app to areas other than the ones currently, so Fitspur is now available all around the globe :)
Ashwin | PipeCandy@ashwinizer · Founder
Super sleek, my colleague says. I am waiting for the Android version :)
Vivek LathMaker@viveklath · Founder @fitspurapp
@ashwinizer Thanks Ashwin. Android is in development and will be up soon.
Ronak KakkadMaker@thekakkad · Co-Founder - Growth Shift Labs
@ashwinizer Hi Ashwin, We are pleased to inform you that we are live with the android version of our app
Kyle Weiss@kylebweiss · Senior PM, Return Path
Looks like Facebook only login? Boo - Why not allow other mediums? I don't have a FB account any more
Vivek LathMaker@viveklath · Founder @fitspurapp
@kylebweiss Hi Kyle - Thanks for your feedback. This is the first version. FB was a quick and easy way to integrate for the required user data (name, pic, age etc) in to the app - much like tinder. However, we will be integrating twitter login and the option to manually enter your required information in upcoming versions. Would you like us to update you once we launch the newer version of the app .
Kyle Weiss@kylebweiss · Senior PM, Return Path
@viveklath @kylebweiss For sure :) Love the concept, hope I can use it soon.
Heeya@heeya_and · CEO, AND Corporation
Hey, I just added your awesome product on my Collection. ‘App for Life.’ Great app. Thanks. Please, check it out. @thekakkad