Create long-term fitness routines and stick to it 🏋

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2018

FiTS revolves around long-term behavioural change instead of nonsensical promises about any six-week program to get a bikini body, six-pack abs or whatever body change transformation bullshit. With the help of big data, FiTS supports you individually getting you fitter without being obsessive. Routine first, performance second ;-)

Alex Vidrean
Florian Dusch
Michele Pinto
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  • Pros: 

    Cool exercises, helpful motivation


    No additional sports can be added

    I think this can really make a difference!

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WUTANG05@wutang05 · Wannapreneur.
Nice...hardest thing about exercise is trying to keep to a consistent schedule. This app would be helping solving this. Congrats..!
Santosh Komaragiri
Santosh KomaragiriMaker@zdoks · UI/UX Rockstar
@wutang05 Spot on. :)
Ben Levy
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Hey @bjoernsen, this looks great and really cool. Do you guys have any running integrations? I.E. Nike Run Club
Björn Sternsdorf
Björn SternsdorfMaker@bjoernsen · Head of Product FiTS
@benmlevy Hey Ben, that's great to hear. API integrations are already in our pipeline for later in this year! Currently we're focusing on launching the iOS version of FiTS - hopefully done within the next days. Keeping fingers crossed and continue to #ichfitse more regularly ;-)
Johnny Lemberg
Johnny Lemberg@johnnylemberg · historian
ahomed notschkin
ahomed notschkin@ahomednotschkin · Future Elon Mask
Very nice App.
Björn Sternsdorf
Björn SternsdorfMaker@bjoernsen · Head of Product FiTS
@ahomednotschkin Thank you very much. Did you already start to do a first workout with FiTS?
Adolphe Pauley
Adolphe Pauley@adolphe · Interpreter & Translator
I hope it would be helpful.