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Design looks familiar... 😛 Some people would love to see a Fashion category on PH. Personally I'm not sure how it would work. I'm not sure the daily list would be the right fit for a fashion category. There could be so many items added each day so a large amount of curation would be needed. But then fashion is so unique that curation would be even more difficult. Some bigger releases like sneakers would do well IMO. but I'd be concerned that the everyday items clutter up the feed.
@bentossell Wow, you're fast! Beat me to my initial post. Makes me wonder if you ever sleep ;) Completely agree. I had always wished there was someway for me to see different trending styles for men's fashion (street, work, etc). I usually rely on Pinterest, Reddit, friends like Atif, etc. for tips. What Hype Machine did with music, I feel like the same can be done (to some degree) with fashion. Crawl major fashion blogs and see what people are talking about and curate that on a single page for me to check either in my inbox, or on an app (like fits!)
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for the comment. So essentially, I've been a fan of PH for a long time and so given my experience in the men's lifestyle / fashion space over the last 7-8 years, blending the PH format for a feed of handpicked men's fashion items seemed natural. Some background -- I started an online men's lifestyle magazine that's pretty well known in the menswear space out of New York. As content tends to shift sometimes, I felt when we were highlighting items, it got lost in the shuffle so I decided to try building Fits to be a home for finding great product and being one click away from retail site for purchase. The site right now is just an MVP with some enhanced functionality that I really wanted to test out and see if it would add value for users. The cool thing that stood out to me was the filtering by category (uncheck a category illustration and those products disappear). This would allow a person to go in and drill down to stuff he's actually interested in, say shoes or tailored apparel (suiting, blazers, etc.). Also, we want to keep the daily feed to 5-10 items for now so that we're not just auto adding stuff that pops up on some of our favorite retail sites. We're taking the time to really pick high quality product but also trying to cater to a wider audience with inclusion of more accessible pieces. Hope this helps!
@atifkazmi awesome, yeah I like the filtering option! ahh I see. So what is the submission process like? Is it purely done by you or are you reviewing submissions from users that sign up? I think the premise is good but interesting to see if the daily list works for you here.
@bentossell to start it's our team at Por Homme, so myself plus two of our writers. My hope is that folks start to submit once they sign up but we'll still be filtering on our end just to ensure we're not going to high or too low in the spectrum. Also, I'm working with influencers and friends in the menswear scene to come in and share some of their favorite items as well. And honestly, it's an experiment for us as well. Our hope is that we succeed here to some degree and can use that demand to justify building out stronger functionality in the near future. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you!!
@atifkazmi awesome. Yeah I'd just be wary of the sheer volume of fashion items that are out there. Unsure whether keeping to a sort of niche style or certain angle would be best initially.
My buddy @atifkazmi (who's been giving me great fashion tips), launched his new project, Fits. It's like Product Hunt meets Hypebeast. Fashion items for men, curated daily by the community. Atif has a great fashion taste, so if you ever want to nerd out on style with someone, he's your guy!
@_shahedk you're the man, Shahed, thanks for hunting Fits!
Expensive tastes you got there :). $45 for a pen cover. $128 pouch for your razor. Yeah, no.
@ericdiepeveen haha it's definitely a bit more contemporary right now as it's an extension of our content site - But we're definitely trying to infuse more brands and retailers as we go along. Hopefully there's some stuff that can appeal to various budgets / tastes.
As a men's lifestyle fan, hell, I even opened my own menswear boutique store in my home city, I think this is something that has the potential to be helpful in the menswear world. I've followed PorHomme for a while so the connection and link building there is a great start to get Fits off the ground in my opinion. While working in the field and seeing the change that happens so fast through the industry it's nice to see 5-10 things a day that are going to be curated for guys. I've noticed one challenge with menswear sites is that they're usually on a specific trend or approach and it's really hard for them to cover all types of guys or a basis of all styles and niches. Hence why I feel sites like Hypebeast, Four Pins, and PorHomme are more of a niche for streetwear/contemporary while Die! Workwear is more tailored, and then you get A Continuous Lean for Americana/workwear. And it sounds like reading the other comments that you want to cover all types of guys, what plans do you have to cover wide demographics with 5-10 products a day?
@zacattac thanks, Zac! Really appreciate the kind words and glad to hear you've followed Por Homme!! Yeah, menswear is special and I think it's a lot about getting advice or some direction from a source you respect / trust. We don't want to onslaught people. Too many options can be a time kill for someone that just wants or needs a specific item (boot, blazer for a dinner, etc.). And I agree, trends start flowing and you end up sort of riding those waves. Think for a site like Fits, it's only going to be as good as the product that's out there so we're going to try exploring as many different men's retailers out there while keeping in mind some of our favorite mall shops as well. I can't say we'll be able to succeed on covering all guys but we want to highlight stuff that guys outside of a niche can appreciate. Clean, wearable, well-made.
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