Fitplan for iOS

The exact training methods of the world's top athletes

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Very proud to share with you Fitplan. We are partnered with some of the world's top trainers and athletes like Michelle Lewin, Jeff Seid, Sergi Constance and Brendan Brazier. We have offered a 30 day free trial to the Product Hunt community.
@landonham great idea, I can't wait to start! How do I claim that promo? Edit: Nevermind, all sorted. You just have to follow the like to their site and not the app store.
@landonham Congrats on all your hard work! The app looks great :)
@landonham your site looks great! how to get the promo?
@landonham the video is not play well on my iPhone 6sp. Always pause automatically.
@ma_nova Hey Ma, I will have our developers look at this immediately. thanks for letting me know
Love this. Can't wait to start the plan!
Been training my whole life, and very few fitness products interest me. This got my attention. Looking forward to giving it a try!