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Hi guys, it's awesome being here! Fitonomy gives you the ability to easily schedule your whole day at the most convenient and realistic pace for your personal fitness goals. Simply put, Fitonomy makes exercising work for you! It provides 3D interactive animation of full-body exercises and audio cues to take you through the workout and make it easier to see how the exercise is supposed to be performed. You control the angle. You control the zoom. APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: - DO IT ANYWHERE: Outdoors, at home or at the gym - you don't need machines, only your own body weight. - CUSTOMIZED PLANS: Tested customized exercise workout plans that help people lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, increase cardiovascular fitness, increase strength, learn about exercise and nutrition. - 3D INTERACTIVE ANIMATIONS: No more guessing. See exactly how the exercise is meant to be performed. The exercise is shown in a 3D space. Pan around and zoom in to cover every angle. - HEALTHY RECIPES: Take a quick survey and Fitonomy will create a custom meal plan for you, suggesting 100% healthy meals. - DAILY ADVICE: Follow a few of our trainer's advice into your daily routine each day and watch your health change. - 200+ EXERCISES : They’re an awesome overall body strengthener and will condition you like no other exercise can. We are available for iOS currently and the Android version coming soon.
@vlonjatg Fitonomy team here. Ask us anything!
@vlonjatg That icon is 😅
Was going to download, but it is for iOS only :( Then looked at the icon on app store. Is it obligatory to image woman with huge breast and tiny sports bra?
@ekaterina_kharitonova, thank you for your feedback. As of right now Fitonomy has more than 200K users on iOS and 84% of the user base are female. And their feedback about the models was that they liked we weren't focusing on clothes and impossible to achieve bodies but only on how to perform the exercises. Please visit our Instagram page to check for yourself! :)
@vlonjatg thanks for the answer! I believe that you weren't focusing on clothes/bodies but its turned out to be some sexual objectification here, with these tiny panties / bra. On some pictures body proportions looks weird.
Hey guys quick question: why did you decide to go on the 3d models thing instead of showing videos of people doing the moves? I think the models look rather creepy but yeah, just that made me wonder
looking at the thumbnail gif on here, I thought it was some weird porn game... the rest looks good though!
@mpalau we choose to go with 3D because this way users are able to view in detail the correct form on how an exercise should be performed. Leg placement, shoulder postition, body posture, all these are important factors when working out and a 2D angle image wouldn't be the best way to convey this information. Thank you for your feedback. :)
This app looks good.. but what's with the objectification of women??!
@atulacharya I'm not from Fitonomy, but I don't get where all the "women objectification" sentiments are coming in. Quickly skimmed the app and I see that the male 3D models are just as bare as the female ones. Am I missing something here?
@atulacharya We highlight the muscles that are being worked on so that the users can view which muscles are being trained from a particular exercise, therefore both the female and the male models have less clothes in order for those muscles to be visible.