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FitOn provides unlimited access to premium workout content and our unique social experience which is unlike anything you've experienced before (voice calls, leaderboards, shared stats, photos, etc). You can also see your real-time heart rate and calories during workouts by installing our Apple Watch app.

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Siddharth MungekarTwo failed startups, onto my third.
This idea has already been tried by many such as "Fitplan". But, since fitness is a huge market, there is space for multiple players to exist. That being said, I'd also like to experience something different other than the things other app players are doing. Information about workouts is easily available on the internet, would be great if diet related info is provided to the user. A tool where user would enter in daily calorie intake, daily calorie burn, weight, body fat percentage etc., and the software would return the amount of calories and protein intake for a user to cut fat/build muscle mass. I see a lot of people going to dieticians for this purpose, but I believe this could be easily done with the help of software. Just my 2 cents! Kudos!