Get Stronger, Faster with Artificial Intelligence

FitnessAI uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized weightlifting plans. Based on 6M+ workouts, the AI automatically optimizes sets, reps and weight every time you workout for optimal muscle growth and recovery. Start your 7-day free trial today.
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Any chance on an Android version?
@clay_mcginnis If sales stay strong absolutely!
Hi PH! I launched a super bare bones version of FitnessAI at the beginning of the year just to see what would happen. After 500 paying users and tons of iterations I'm finally proud enough of the product to share it with the community. The app employs a specially designed algorithm to increase or decrease an exercises difficulty by the perfect amount, every workout session. The goal of the algorithm is to delay plateaus while optimizing for muscle growth in the shortest period of time. I built the algorithm from the ground up based on over 5,000,000 workout sessions I collected from a previous app called Lift Log, a weight lifting journal for iOS. The dataset is larger than any publicly available dataset I could find. On average, users lift 20% more weight by volume in their first 30 days on the platform. As many of you may know, new lifters experience explosive growth in their first 30 days no matter what. As of today however, 70% of our users considered themselves experienced lifters during sign up. This means no matter what your experience level is, FitnessAI can help you make the most out of your time at the gym, by either following FitnessAI's routine to the T, or customizing it to your liking. Would love any and all feedback :)
I’ve been working out for years, but honestly, until now, I used to have bad form and commitment issues. My big gym ego used to push me to lift more than I could handle well. I had to account for this by cheating with bad form (because you know, you gotta get those reps in). With the app, I trusted the baseline weights they assigned me, I knew the algorithm would push me. And it did help me grow, since I didn’t have to deal with all the guess work, I just perfected my form with the weights it gave me. Which is also why this app helped me commit to working out regularly. It’s just much easier. It take a lot of effort to design and constantly tune your regimen - at least for me, it diminishes my motivation. It’s just not a problem anymore though, and I haven’t quit going to the gym for months. There’s no more figuring out what to do: I wake up wanting to go to the gym, I check my phone to see what day it is, all I gotta do next is get my ass up and pump some iron. The app removed all the guess work from the gym and that changed my life.
@zacharymor Thank you brother!
Works great been using it for a few months and finally was able to reach a new deadlift max at 405.