Fitness Lab

Workout log & food tracker mobile app

Fitness Lab is the first data-driven fitness planner which combine both workout log and food tracker.

Define your goal, choose a complete training program or create one by yourself. Exercise with the proper technique, log your results, track progress using various metrics. Track your nutrition intake to get the best out of your activities.

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Mikhail Mazurovsky
Fitness Lab co-founder
Hey ProductHunt, My name is Mikhail Mazurovskiy and I am a part of Fitness Lab development team of 3 members. Our startup takes the start from the April 2017 when we found out that there is no qualitative app on the market that fully automates personal gym trainer. We decided that there is a huge opportunity for us to create an all-in-one product that will meet the market’s needs precisely. What does a personal trainer do? He listens to your wishes, creates a training program, controls the technique of exercises, tracks your progress and makes dietary advice. We have collected the most effective training programs with perfected workouts in the catalog and made it easy to choose the one that suits user’s goal. Our workout player has a built-in timer that helps to track the duration of cardio exercises and all the rests. The main goal of the player is to log sets, reps and weights for further comparison with previous results. It is not enough to only exercise if you want to get a sustainable result. It is vital to eat properly. That is why we created a unique meal tracker that calculates the rate of consumption of calories, proteins, fats and carbs for the user and helps to monitor compliance with this norm. Some other cool features to highlight: - Create your own programs quickly in 3 simple steps by using program builder. - Track your progress with the use of your body photos and a big variety of measurements. - View statistics of almost anything: from the time you spend on each set, to the total time spent in the gym. - Add your own meals from the integrated FatSecret food database. Fitness Lab motivates me to do more during my workouts, helps me to stay focused and prevent me from giving up by showing the real progress. I would be grateful to everyone to check it out! We are always open to constructive criticism. Please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail at
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Vitali DervoiedFitness Lab CEO
We've launched home workout app check it out.
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