Fitness Cubed

Under-desk elliptical to stay fit sitting @ work, pre-launch

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Erik Torenberg
@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
how does everyone here stay fit at work? i'm a man of standing desks.
Arnav Dalmia
@arnavdalmia · CEO, FitnessCubed
Hey guys! I'm Arnav, CEO of FitnessCubed. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about Cubii. Thanks for your support!
Dan Friedman
@_danfriedman · Data Scientist
I love this! The team has figured out solutions so your knees won't hit the desk, you won't get sweaty at work and it's an affordable price compared to an expensive treadmill desk.
Joe Walnes
@joewalnes · Inventor. novaphotos.com. @joewalnes
This is really cool. Backed!
[deleted user]
The evidence that out bodies were not meant to sit all day is overwhelming. I started using Stir standing desk +2 years ago and added a Rebel Desk treadmill about a year later. I have met Arnav from the Fitness Cubed team - he is an inspirational entrepreneur. The Cubii is well designed and come with an intelligent app. Founders there are enormous benefi… See more