Fitbit idle reminder, via text message

Fitminder is a simple use of SMS to nudge Fitbit users into action. @mbmccormick tells me that Fitminder users are walking, on average, 2500 more steps per day after joining. Really excited to see where this project goes!
@robinsongreig Thanks for the kind words!
Does FitBit really not have anything built for this? Fascinating. Like the idea and the application. What are your thoughts on taking this further beyond just encouraging moving in general? Could the use possibly get a nudge for doing a quick stretch or exercise movement? In my ideal scenario I'd love to get a nudge saying something like, "Hey Matt! Grab your KB and move around a little bit."
@mcgunagle45 Unfortunately, Fitbit does not support this functionality today. As for taking this further: it would be interesting to make the reminder messages more interactive/useful. Today, they're just fun messages. But it would be interesting to suggest a more meaningful movement: "try making a lap around the office" or "try doing some wrist or neck stretches". Interesting possibility!
This is a great idea, unlike push notifications you can't turn SMS off. So this will either annoy the hell out of someone or actually get them in motion :)
@hook_taylor It does integrate with IFTTT, so you could do push notifications (or turn off the TV, or post on Twitter, etc.) if you'd like.
Hi all, I'm the developer behind Fitminder. I started this website as a side project to help me remember to get up and move around during the day when I'd otherwise spend several hours behind a desk. I shared this website with a few friends and it quickly grew into a service which people depend on everyday for activity reminders, myself included. Fitminder supports SMS reminders as well as third-party integrations via IFTTT. If you have a Fitbit, give it a try! It's free for two weeks. I hope you find this useful!