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Back in May 2015, FitMenCook arrived on iOS & ProductHunt, getting more than 1,000 upvotes 😎 Almost 2 years later, those with an Android affiliation are finally rewarded for being patient with us. We've been wanting to bring the same functionality to the Google PlayStore for a long while & on Wednesday 1st March we did just that... Over the last 48 hours, FitMenCook Android has already surpassed 10,000 downloads & been rated more than 450 times, with an average of 4.97 ✨ We're really proud to be back here & particularly pumped for you patient Google PlayStore peeps, who can now have Kevin's healthy recipes in your pockets! @andreaskam and I have had a whale of a time building this product and are looking forward to biting into some of your delicious questions...
Love FitMenCook! Love the App! For fitness fanatics, the FitMenCook apps are without a doubt the best and most complete healthy cooking apps available. The iPad version was great, but I'm so happy that I can now use it on my Samsung phone as well.
@iamconstantijn You have a way with words Constantijn - can tell you're in marketing πŸ˜‰ But seriously, Kevin and the team are so glad to finally bring it to your phone... I'm sure it's felt like a long wait. Keep your eyes open for an update to your iPad iOS version too πŸ‘€
@iamconstantijn You convinced me. Gonna give it a go!
@david_west Haha thanks, I guess! Well, it's hard not to get excited when a product is this good. Buying the full version was a no-brainer.
Awesome. Already had the iPad app, and just got the Android. Good job Kevin. Keep it up.
@samklr Great to hear Sam!
I found Kevin's site a few months back when I was looking for ways to ramp up my meal prep, and have been filling my fridge with delicious stuff ever since. Congrats on the launch!
Kevin's FitMenCook App has really transformed my life. Now I eat healthy delicious food which I prepare for the week ahead. It's great to see the app available on Android. Awesome stuff!