A full-body fitness workout made easy for everyone πŸ‹

Fitloop is a webapp that teaches you how to get in shape anywhere with a full-body fitness workout and just minimal equipment. It adjusts to your level and changes as you progress.

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Nice job! Love the Youtube embeds showing how to perform the exercises. Do you plan on adding other strength programs or allowing users to put together their own?
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@gregbates For now, keeping it pretty focused just on this one bodyweight routine. Gonna see how the product can grow organically and usefully for people. I don't want to overcomplicate it for 95% of the users if a feature is only useful for 5%
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@gregbates Added both! Will be adding more programs over time, and you can create your own routines from the exercises now.
Hey Everyone! is a site I've been working on for a few years to help me learn the routine from Reddit's bodyweightfitness subreddit. The routine is freely available here: It's made up of different 'progressions' and levels, so it's adjustable to your personal fitness level. As a beginner I wanted more than the wiki offered, a tool which would break down the routine in easy steps, show me my personalized version of the routine, show the youtube videos right there, and help me log and track exercises. I got into bodyweight fitness since I liked the idea of exercising wherever you are, no gym membership required. Bodyweight fitness is quite amazing, especially if you're a traveler or want to save time (and money) going to the gym. - Shridhar
@shridhargupta sounds great! One of the screenshots show that you need rings? What other equipment do you need?
@conradj You'll need rings to do some of the more advanced exercises (but not if you're starting as a beginner). Other than that, a place to do pull-ups, and dips (which can also be done with 2 chairs). A yoga mat makes it a little nicer. And a resistance band for some stretches, or use anything else stretchy (a belt or old bike tube). That's it! I also made this: to find local parks with pullup and dip bars.
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@conradj @shridhargupta why webapp? The world's gone mobile. And this would be great on mobile
@conradj @basictechy Agreed! I wanted to launch something as quick as possible, and a webapp was the fastest for me to get it to online. A mobile app is in the works as well!
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Awesome product - nice job!