Fitlink for Business

Create a fit and healthy workplace culture

With our fitness-focussed employee wellness tools, we help you to engage, motivate and inspire your team to achieve amazing life and business results. Build leagues, set challenges, create competition with gamification, unlock amazing perks and rewards.

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We have just released a new version of Fitlink called Fitlink for Business which is aimed at forward-thinking HR Directors, CEOs and business owners who care about their employees. We chatted with many businesses who all understood that they needed to do more for the wellbeing of their staff but struggled to find a solution that was easy to set up, cost-effective and really got to the core of what they were trying to achieve - which was improving their staff's wellbeing. Healthy, balanced staff bring energy and focus on what they do. And connected people feel a sense of purpose. We believe in creating a fit and healthy workplace wellness culture where happy staff can thrive. We supply mobile apps that connect to staffs activity trackers and wellbeing apps (via Apple Health and Google Fit), a website or wellness portal, and a CMS with a dashboard and analytics. Businesses have full control over the apps, the content, the leagues and challenges they create plus they can create their own unique rewards that suit the companies ethos and culture. We've found that 'time-off' rewards are a great incentive to get employees fit and healthy! And analytics with reporting to prove how effective the campaign is. Workplace wellness or employee wellbeing comes in many different shapes but we believe that the focus should be on the employee's wellbeing which will actually improve many business challenges like productivity, retention, recruitment, absenteeism and presenteeism. We'd love to hear what you thought of our new direction and if you personally or where you work or the company you run could benefit from some improved workplace wellness.
Absolutely love this! Such a great way to motivate and incentivise employees πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood thank you so much - really means allot to hear! πŸ‘