Virtual fitting room to try clothes on 3D avatar of yourself

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To use Fitle, you enter your height and take four iPhone pictures of yourself at different angles. In 30 seconds, Fitle creates a customized 3D avatar that its founders say is accurate 99 percent of the time. Fitle also will let you save clothes in your “virtual closet” and then try them on your avatar when looking for a new piece. Basically if you buy a shirt from H&M, you can try it on with a pair of Levi’s next month.
Do they send out clothes to try before you buy or simply all avatar based?
@acondurache, Fitle lets you try on clothes online on your avatar. The fitting is really accurate as it is based on your exact measurements extracted from pictures you take on the Fitle app.
Anyone who remembers or has read about ( will recognise this idea. Would love to see it get realised.