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Thanks @LennsHu for sharing Fiticle on Product Hunt! My goal here is to create a library of animated GIFs for every exercise under the sun. I was frustrated with having to "rewind" YouTube videos to study how to do various movements. I figured a GIF would be so much better.
The looping aspect is definitely a lot more convenient than fiddling around with a video player when it comes to studying a movement but I'd say there are a few aspects to Fiticle I find far more compelling. 1) It's hard to discover something you don't already know. I subscribe to this thing called Ruby Tapas which are small bite sized Ruby training videos by Avdi Grimm. I feel like I get more value out of those simple videos than the 1-2 hours I spend daily researching dev related topics. You just don't often search for things you don't know so I love it when that information comes to me passively. 2) Arguably more importantly is Evy's ability to entertain and convey ideas through her writing. I'm a big fan of her creative use of analogies. In her last digest she turned something that I'd normally consider to be fairly boring (jumping rope) and turned it into a parody of 'Eye of the Tiger' to make you feel like Rocky. So maybe I'm a little biased but I think this thing is amazing ;)
@duilen Thank Dane! There really is something about getting fed bite sized information by email as a learning medium. I don't have time to look for what I don't know. And I don't have a lot of time, so reducing things down to their core components makes it easier to learn. Plus I'm a fan of reading and watching at the same time. So GIFs are well suited to that.
@mainwilk I also really like the #seriousgifs hashtag. So much potential energy there. Feels like the game of Mousetrap.