Makes charging iPhone easier than ever!

iPhone users, if you're looking for more battery life, a protective case, experiencing effortless charging, you should take a look at FITCAZE!

Meet the World's thinnest & lightest iPhone battery case supporting QI wireless charging. For iPhone 8/7/6S/6 & Plus.

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Hey hunters, I'm Brian Bergel, founder of Fitcaze! I'm so excited to share the launch of FITCAZE with you. Fitcaze is the World's thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case compatible with QI Wireless charging. It's only 12.5mm thick and 70grams. It comes with 2 new accessories: A wireless charger and a magnetic car wireless charger! Did I mention that with FITCAZE you can charge your iPhone while listening to your music?! Our team has spent the past 12 months building up the infrastructure and developing numerous prototypes so that we could launch the Fitcaze range. Hunters can get an additionnal $10 OFF on Indiegogo through a secret link! (But only for a limited time!) Enjoy! If you’ve got any questions, fire away! Thanks for your support! :-)
Hunters get $10 OFF! Here are the 3 secret links : - Basic (battery case) : - Standard (+ wireless charger) : - Premium (+ car wireless charger) : But only for a limited time!