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@cnikitiadis For now I see in the video and images only data that gets visualized in 3D graphics.. but are users able to add some context to their data? I have to admit I'm not familiar with all Fitbit options and possibilities, but I think the data you gather gets its magic, as soon as you can create context. For example I would like to know on which days I'm more active and why I'm more active on these days. I would like to compare days on which I was at work with days I got free. I would like to know if I was more active on days I woke up early or on days I slept long. I would like to know how much more active I am, when I was clubbing and how it effects the following day. I think the data you have can be very very powerful, but it has to be more than visualizing it in fancy 3D graphics! :) Looking forward to more features!
@dbleilevens Hi Dominik! Thanks a million for your input. The truth is that as a first version we just wanted to provide something useful but at the same time visually interesting. Fitbit sets daily goals, and you know if you reached it or not, plus they provide some really good gamification elements. On our tool you can see your progress on a monthly and yearly view. The monthly view will give you an idea on how much you walk/exercise on weekdays and how much on weekends. On the yearly view you can see your progress in a particular month and compare different months.
@dbleilevens It would be cool to have a different report that combines data from fitbit and other services, such as Swarm/facebook, so that you could see your check-ins on a day that you walked a lot for example. Hopefully someone one will develop it and offer it on @Rocketgraph :)
@cnikitiadis Alright, so basically it's a MVP you built and now you're exploring what should be implemented in the future? If yes, what's your process of finding out what the user will need? And yes, the implementation of external data would be awesome, though you have to watch out, if users can themselves create the context or if you need to offer some functions/ideas.
@bentossell Hi Ben! Yes, this product has officially launched. Thanks for featuring us :) We look forward to your questions and feedback.
@cnikitiadis awesome!! What did you learn in the beta that you incorporated into the launch?
@bentossell First of all, we fixed a couple of important bugs - we had some amazing beta users that actually sent us screenshots and helped us a lot with various issues. We also received feedback on what is important for most users and what's not. Some of that feedback has already been implemented and is part of the live version, and lot's of other features will be in our next release.
@cnikitiadis Nice, can you tell us what those important things were?
@bentossell We got an interesting variety - from "region specific" bugs to feedback regarding the UI. What's most important for us is that the majority of the users loved it, and found the visualization of their fitbit data interesting. This is enough of a reason for us to keep working on this project!