Discover clothes that fit.

I'm skeptical, but interested. The human body is incredibly gifted at generating edge cases (in a fit/style sense) that are nearly impossible to solve with software. Even if that problem is solved, there's a huge issue around human conditioning and people not realizing what "fits" and what doesn't. I've seen too many people try on a jacket that was at least two sizes too small and proclaim it was perfect. If Fitbay can build enough credibility into the service to get around those complaints they might just be a winner.
I like the crowdsourced approach. I wonder if this service and its competitors should start by focusing on 1 body type as Bonobos did with athletic male fit.
This is such a massive, massive problem for clothing brands who just sell online. Really excited to see this live.
I have a hard time finding fit shirts that don't look like a square bed sheet. Very interested in this.