GPS fitness tracking & calorie counting app

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Hi! I'm the CEO of FITAPP and I'm here to answer all your questions regarding FITAPP. Our vision was to make tracking sports activities easy, fun and intuitive at the same time. We released the iOS version and would really love to hear your feedback. We also added a free premium voucher for all hunters - just visit the linked website for more details!
Super simple interface. Great work @dan22000 @paul_s_kemp @kriebernegg!
@stevepyoung Thanks Steve, this means a lot to us!
Daniel, Thomas and I will be doing a live event at 6:30am ET / 11:30am UK / 12:30pm CET. Just visit our landing page and click the video or direct here . Come and join us. We may even have a guest appearance from our awesome hunter Robleh Jama @robjama
Good looking app @dan22000! Would be interesting to hear your view on the positioning of FITAPP, what makes the app different than for example Runkeeper and Strava?
Hi Rik (@plaksel), thanks for your question! We wanted to create an easy to use and intuitive app with an awesome interface. Our vision is it to make fitness more attractive to normal people by integrating different gamification features such as a leaderboard and achievements. On the backend side we really put a lot of effort into getting the GPS and calorie tracking right and delivering awesome quality. You can check out the Android App which has already reached more than 500.000 downloads and already has implemented some of these features.
@dan22000 ah cool! Didn't know there was an Android app as well, will def check that out. Thanks for sharing!