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Thanks Violeta for sharing us on Product Hunt - one of my life dreams accomplished! Eating healthy is tough to fit in around a busy life of Product Hunting, we believe the solution is to prepare meals ahead in one go, then have quick access to healthy meals all week. When you do that, you: 1. Minimise time in the kitchen 2. Save money because you are not buying an entire basil plant, just to sprinkle on a single serving 3. Need less willpower to reach your fitness goals We've designed the Fit Men Cook app with this food philosophy in mind and you'll find a lot of features to compliment this including our $75 epic weekly meal prep and buttons to increase the serving sizes. We've also integrated with Apple HealthKit to help people track calories and macros. Happy to answer any questions :)
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"Vibrant, delicious meals that are budget friendly and easy to prepare. That’s the Fit Men Cook way and we invite you to join us inside this beautiful new app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch." This just launched, and even though it's not available on Android, I'm sure they'll fix that. And I have to say, I *love* the name. P.S. The Instagram acct is amazing: https://instagram.com/fitmencook.
@violetanedkova For those looking for an Android version - finally there's some good news - https://www.producthunt.com/post... 😎
Huge fan of FitMenCook. Been following his IG for awhile and got tons of ideas on creative meals.
It looks like a great idea but what about a free trial or limited recipes so i can see if it really fits my needs? Great job anyway!
@gilto1024 Thanks Gil - we always have a debate internally whether we should go free and then have an in app purchase. We tend to feel that the upfront paid app route means less negative reviews of people saying "hey, we thought this entire thing was free". We've done our best to give people an idea of what they can expect from the app with a 30 second app preview video, along with a longer video on the landing page. I agree though it would be nice to play around with the app yourself before deciding to keep it. Might I suggest visiting http://fitmencook.com/ and taking a look at some of the recipes. It might help you reach a decision. Thanks for your comment :)
@gilto1024 @andreaskam I'm always amazed by all the unique and healthy meal ideas I see on FMC's Instagram account, psyched for this. I would however, recommend making the app free with basic features, then IAP for adding additional functionality. I know some users may be up in arms and say "I thought this was totally free", but those are a minority compared to the large number of users that will be immediately turned away by the cost just to download it. Those users could easily be ones that would've bought even more than $2.99 worth of IAP purchases in the long run. I may be wrong, but it's something to think about.
@gilto1024 @ghobs91 I think this is solid feedback - what we could do in future is a free app, for people to try out the functionality with a handful of recipes, then they can unlock more. Much to think about after the launch :-)
@gilto1024 @ghobs91 @andreaskam First off, congrats on the app, the design is awesome. I wouldn't do it as an unlock per recipe IAP, I think you would greatly benefit from using a subscription IAP instead. There's a couple reasons for this: 1. Per recipe or even a collection of recipes seems too transactional and could lead to purchase regret. I might not like the recipe once I make it, or in the collection case, maybe I get some recipes I'm not interested in making at all. You're framing the value to the consumer on a per recipe basis which might not be that compelling. 2. With a subscription, you could frame the value prop as lifetime updates (in terms of content) to the app. So I start with a handful of recipes but while subscribed I get access to all of them as well as a commitment from you from X new recipes per month. Or, maybe there's a key feature that I get access to as a subscriber, a la the Shopping Cart. Generally with a paid app, you're cutting your revenue off at the knees. In this case, you're actually doing a disservice to the users because the lower revenue and less users means you can't support the app as well, which means less frequent content and feature updates. I would note that you probably want the subscription to be priced fairly low and maybe on a yearly basis. I think I'd probably pay what the paid app is priced at now ($2.99) on a yearly basis (you've already anchored me to that price point.)
@gilto1024 @ghobs91 @seanacres one of the most well thought out insights in to the importance of looking at different monetization models other than the pay once and that's it or app advertising. We're seriously looking at the $2.99 per year model for new content on a monthly basis. As you mention, this will allow us to keep adding some of those dream features that users are going to love. As it stands, in one to two months from now we should make back our development cost, but right now, without a subscription model, it's hard to justify another 3-4 month development cycle for likely marginal upswing in downloads after the initial hype has passed. I think the key will be in how this is communicated with users. It's a: "You still get the app you paid for on day one, with all the features, and a couple more we'll be adding, but if you want EVEN more recipes, it's a tiny yearly fee, you don't have to pay it, but it's an option for those who want more". We'll be spending a lot of time thinking this over - but first, the team needs some sleep and R&R!
Big fan of Andreas, he's done great things previously and will continue to do so - excited to see where this ends up..! Probably in my Kitchen! ;)