Combine, compete & compare + get rewarded!

We connect all activity trackers and wearables into one global community where you combine, compete, compare plus get rewarded!

Fit Link for Business helps to create a healthy company culture for happy staff to thrive. You get your own dashboard, website, apps and all the support you need to make it a success.

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Stewart RogersHunter@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
What I really like about Fit Link App is that it brings together all the data from disparate fitness trackers and allows you to compete against others who may not use the same devices. I can measure my results on a Strava versus someone using Runkeeper. Currently works with RunKeeper and Strava, with RunTastic, Nike, MapMyRun, Fitbit, Garmin and many more coming soon. I've seen others try to tackle this issue before, but with mixed results - I think these guys may have cracked it...
Paul GosnellMaker@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
@therealsjr Thanks Stewart for hunting Fit Link and your kind words.
Paul GosnellMaker@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
I find it quite frustrating that you can't easily view a friends running or cycling times, pace or activities. Even using the same app proves tricky and clunky to do this. As a long term activity tracker user myself, I feel its a very isolated experience and you're left feeling disconnected from the millions of fellow trackers out there - which is crazy considering we live in this connected mobile world. There's also a lack of motivational rewards or gamification from the the whole activity tracker experience. Fit Link solves this problem by connecting activity trackers and users together, creating a single and connected view to easily view, compare and compete with each other in running or cycling leagues. Users can create and join private or public leagues meaning they can train and compete against one another from within the app. Fit Link isn't here to replace your activity tracker, its here to supercharge it, making it much better. Miles tracked are exchanged for points which are redeemed against rewards. This is great motivation to keep you training as well as saving you some cash. Constantly buying trainers and t-shirts can get expensive, so vouchers and money off at sports shops is a welcomed reward for all that hard training you put in. Fit Link is partnering with online and high street sports brands to sponsor leagues and to supply the rewards. Its a great way for sports brands to connect with customers on a new digital platform. If you're an iPhone + Strava or RunKeeper user then please try the app and let me know what you think. Thanks for looking
annebot@annebot · CEO, CircleClick
This needed to happen! Like CRM for fitness
Paul GosnellMaker@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
Hey guys, a quick update for anyone following Fit Link on Product Hunt... We now have a few 1000 users on FL but my favourite stat is how the user base has organically grown globally. We have users in 314 cities around the world. Everywhere from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Europe, Russia and US. It's crazy how there are no geographical limits. The map on the homepage [here]( is live and powered by so you can see where all the users are. [new feature] since launching on PH we had a few feature requests and one that we went with would help acquire new users, which was to allow current users to upload an image to an activity and share that to their social networks. The pics above are made by the Fit Link app and have helped to attract new users. Thanks, Paul
Paul GosnellMaker@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
I've just created a PH Running League and a PH Riding League so login and join fellow PH'ers!