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Tessa T
Tessa TMaker@tsquaredt · Founder, fit knowts
Hey PH, Tessa from fit knowts here. I'm a solo founder and began working on fit knowts about 2 years ago to gain more confidence and acumen as a certified personal trainer—I have been an athlete my entire life and personal trainer/group fitness instructor for over 5 years, but the volume of low quality information was becoming a nuisance and barrier to getting the key information that would make me a better trainer and athlete. I wanted to build something that would help trainers, coaches and athletes stay on top of the great research contained in awesome health and fitness books. The fit knowts Library is now live with 30 summaries in PDF and MP3 formats, quizzes for users to test what they've learned, and a searchable index of over 200 key terms . All of the summaries in our library have been granted the appropriate rights and permissions by the publishers and authors. The intention is to continue to add books to the Library each month. I personally read and wrote the summaries for the first 30 books in the library over the course of the past year. I would be happy to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have, let me know what you think about the Collections that we offer (Strength and Functional Training, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mobility, Running and Yoga) and the use of quizzes to test what has been learned from reading the summaries. Also, we're offering a PH discount, use the promo code PH-20-OFF at checkout for 20% off an annual subscription. Thanks! Tessa