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Online health and fitness is a pretty crowded space, but Fit Gurus recognised that personal trainers work to capped incomes, and are rewarding them for driving referrals to the platform. Just launched by already doing good business in terms of content, trials and paying subscribers.
Destined for greatness. World class PT in your pocket - or Netflix for the world's best trainers. Brilliant concept and even better team
I love this!
Is this web only or is there also an app? (because in the gym, I have my phone with me) Looking at other fitness apps, they try to do two main things: fitness tracking and training. I've found both pretty subpar for every app I've tried. Also aimed at very beginner level. Still waiting for somebody to nail this.
@eric3000 As a CEO in this space. I'm really interested in your perspective on the latter (training). I've seen products like Freeletics, which is really intense, and stuff like Nike Training Club which feels very oriented to women. We are targeting beginners with own product @Sworkit which was featured here on Product Hunt a while back- What have you found lacking at the beginner level in products on the market?
@eric3000 It's web app right now, native to follow. We've nailed awesome content from top trainers and athletes. Fit Gurus isn't easy training, it's designed to challenge you. Tracking wise we're talking to customers to learn exactly what they want to track, not what we want them to track. Ultimately we put world class training at your fingertips, you can do the exact workouts of superb PT's and athletes across the world, even world record holders and Olympic athletes!
@Sworkit @obenyoung I'll just preface that this is my own experience. I could just be weird in my needs. In college and my first few years post college I have a few fitness routines that I would use. I would workout about 4-5 days a week and was focused on different muscle groups each day. The first routine I got from a Men's Fitness magazine and expanded from there. Now that I'm a bit older (30), I'm not as focused on strength as much as just keeping in shape. I also have less time to commit (3 days/week). The old routines I used don't really make sense for my now. Looking at apps, I see lots of focus on specific goals, but they seem either very basic, targeted at someone who goes to the gym everyday, or not at me specifically (I liked what I saw of Nike Training Club, but clearly aimed at women). I usually end up having to build a custom workout on top of what they give me. (I am currently using Fitocracy for this, but there's so much I don't like about it - feature bloat and general lack of polish. I also have no need for the social aspects). I want something that allows me to choose goals, frequency, and gives me some variety to my routine. I don't what to do the same thing everyday. What is a workout that I can do 3/week for 45 mins and understands that I am comfortable with all kinds of equipment and that I want to be in shape? That's what I'm looking for. How much does that align with what you hear in your user research?
@paulsl4ter I will take the trial and see how it works. I like that the trainers have expertise, but I don't need the workout of an olympic athlete. Just talking about myself specifically. For tracking, again this is my own needs, I just want to see weight, reps, and sets. So when I do a workout next week, I can see what I did last time and making sure I'm doing the same or better. Seeing progress over made over a period of time is cool.
@eric3000 Great, keep in touch during the trial and give the trainers a shout on Twitter they love hearing from you guys and happy to help. Thanks for letting us know the tracking you'd like to see too. Enjoy!
My favourite concept is that of athletes coming on board. I want to try Sir Chris Hoys leg workouts.
@benbowler We'll do our best :)