Track your net worth to improve your financial success

Track your net worth and cash flow over time with FiStatus to have a better understanding of your financial health.

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Hello everyone 👋. I have been working on this product for the past couple months and today I am excited to share it with this community. Please let me know if you have any questions.
@kennedysgarage looks great! Have tried a few iterations of this type of product in the past, will definitely give it a spin.
@ketanbhalla Sadly I have too, always ended up back at a Google Sheet. Figured I would give it a shot building it this time. I would love to hear what worked in the past and what didn't.
I love that your demo data is real! Your landing page and demo really piqued my interest in your product, which is more than I can say about a large percentage of PH sites I've seen. The only place I feel you're falling short is by not detailing *how* you're tracking financial data - is it all manual data entry on the user's end, or are you connecting with services like bank websites (à la Mint) to automatically scrape and analyze this data? Without knowing more, I'm left feeling a bit reluctant to enter my email for "early access". Cheers!
@maddysaysboo Thanks so much for your honesty feedback 😄 The how is lacking on the site, I will make sure to talk more about that. Basically during the onboarding process we will ask you to connect to your accounts. Behind the scenes we are working closely with Plaid, a 3rd party service, to ensure everything is safe and secure. They are trusted by tens of millions of people, including us. For those few things that you don't track online, we provide a simple manual entry tool so you can fine tune your account with us. Once everything is connected we will take a snapshot at the end of each month.
Hi @kennedysgarage, great product... is the information in the dashboard real data?
@asdo 😬It's all my very own very personal data about my financial health. My hope is that people can follow along to watch me reach my goal of getting out of debt and working toward becoming financially independent.
I've tried a lot of financial trackers but never fallen in love with one. Really like the visuals and graph design. What inspired you to start FiStatus?
@harryraymond I have been tracking my finical figures for a while now with Google Sheets. It was a very manual process and I wanted a way to automate this. That is how it all started. The reason why I decided to share this tool publicly is that I want to help others that are in my same predicament and help educate people on the fundamentals of finance. You know, all the stuff they should have taught us in high school. The basic stuff on adulting.

Been looking for something that isn't like the others... and i'm not the greatest at managing finances. Nice work!


Easy to set up, nice UX


None so far