Budgeting that makes everyday feel like payday

What if everyday was payday? Spend less today to get a bigger payday tomorrow.
◎ One Spot. All your Accounts
$ Put Savings on Autopilot
⌘ A Simple Daily Goal
⌫ Prevent Problems from Snowballing
⌁ 256-bit encryption with tokenized, read-only bank access
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Thanks @chrismessina! Hey Product Hunters! 👋 When was the last time your budget went exactly as planned? It never does (and it's usually not your fault). Life happens. Remember when your friends want to go out this weekend but you it was a bit too expensive? Or when you ran out for a quick errand but come back with a huge parking ticket? Life happens. Your budget should help you enjoy today without killing your future. You should know exactly what ok to do. And when life happens there is an easy way to get back on track. That's why you need Fiskal. Fiskal gives you a single, smart daily spending limit that automatically adjusts with your life. Staying ahead of your money doesn't need to a struggle. You just had the wrong tools. Get Fiskal to auto-correct your budget and your life.
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Beautiful UI, seriously nice work. My only beef is your bullet point "Completely Private". Completely private means you have no idea who I am and can never connect me to my data. This isn't the case as laid out in your privacy policy. Besides that, this looks great.
Hey @brandoncorbin Sorry for the confusion. We don't sell your data or offer ads and we have bank-grade encryption on the server and network. Our business model will be to sell a set of features for power users. Enhanced privacy (on top of bank-grade security for everyone) is a core part of that. We're already working on a set features to get there. It's a multi-step process. Apple sign-on, double encryption (with keys on device) and Google sheet support are a part of it. They're set to launch in the next 60 days. Those features will go a long way to get us much closer to your vision of full anonymity.
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Any plans for an Android release?
Hi @brennon_denny. We're a small team but it's built in React Native so pretty far down that road to support Android. The sooner we hit our metrics for the iOS launch, the quicker we'll be able to focus on tightening up porting some UI code and hardening the security for an Android release.
Really like the concept of this app - I am the type of person that is always looking at my budget, and I track every dollar I spend, and often have to adjust as the weeks go along. Ultimately, I tried using this app, but it wasn't for me. I wan't able to clearly see my spending category breakdowns like I was expecting - my assumption was that I'd be able to set a budget for each category, and the app would adjust per category as the time went along with unplanned purchases. A couple small dev notes: you can still enter "Demo Mode" by clicking the ? in the top left, and the options go off the screen (iPhone X) when choosing a "Every 2 weeks" frequency. Props to you though for launching a budgeting app that allows you to view per 2 weeks instead of only offering monthly! Best of luck as you guys keep improving!
@chedglen Thanks for the feedback (and we'll fix that bug 😊). For categories, we will be starting on it soon. For v1 we started with a broader view of just spending cash. It's similar to how Apple Watch's Activity app works. It won't turn you into Dwayne Johnson over night but it'll help give you some daily consistency that is absolutely critical. The single metric is like an early warning system to know if things are basically good or you're on the cusp of things going south. Knowing early helps people to be able to make small tweaks to fix small problems before they snowball. For the categories feature, do you think we need a lot of categories or are there a few that are really critical to track?
Beautiful UI, awesome work! Just like Callen, and testing it out I’d love to see my budget category breakdowns and allowing an option to add/edit reoccurring subscriptions in future versions :)